From The Nation: Evidence shows that DNC Emails Weren’t Hacked, They Were Leaked

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Conservative Firing Line

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The Nation is a mega liberal website that agrees with progressives 121% of the time.  Evidently the same people that came up with this number is the same one handling voter registration in California.

That is why it’s so surprising that The Nation has published an article proving that the DNC was never hacked.  The emails were leaked.  This is not a theory — they have hard and irrefutable evidence.  The investigation took so long because none of the investigators had access to the meta data on the emails.

According to the report:

Time stamps in the metadata indicate the download occurred somewhere on the East Coast of the United States—not Russia, Romania, or anywhere else outside the EDT zone.

What is the maximum achievable speed? Forensicator recently ran a test download of a comparable data volume (and using a server speed not available in 2016) 40 miles

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