FLASHBACK: Obama called this African nation a “sh*t show”

by Stephen Dietrich, Associate Publisher

President Donald Trump allegedly referred to some poor African nations as “sh*tholes” on Thursday — and in response, the mainstream media has whipped itself into a frenzy.

“Unpresidential!” cable news hosts have cried. “Racist,” “bigoted,” “impeachable!” liberal journalists have screamed.

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So, where was this hysterical outrage when former President Barack Obama referred to one third-world African nation as a “sh*t show”?

Talking to The Atlantic in 2016, Obama talked about the degrading situation in Libya and blamed U.S. allies for the sad state of affairs.

Obama called Libya a “mess” — and later explained that he specifically meant it had become a “sh*t show” that was too caught up in African tribalism for their own good.

“Mess is the president’s diplomatic term; privately, he calls Libya a ‘shit show,’ in part because it’s subsequently become

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