FLASHBACK: Media Roll Over For Hillary on Her Book Tours

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Newsbusters

<p>It’s already started: CBS’s Jane Pauley rolled out the red carpet for Hillary Clinton, in her first book tour stop promoting What Happened. The C<em>BS Sunday Morning</em> host treated the 2016 loser with kid gloves as she tenderly laid up softball after softball, feeling Hillary’s pain: “Can we talk about election day. Did you have any clue what the outcome of that day would be.” Of course, this is the kind of book tour treatment Clinton has grown accustomed to, whether she was hawking a book as First Lady, first year Senator or presidential candidate. The following is a look back, via the MRC’s archives, of the gushiest suck-up Hillary interviews from her various book tours over the past 21 years.<br />  </p>

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