Feminist ICON Blames “LACK” Of Abortions As The Cause Of ‘Climate Change’

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Joe For America

This load of crap is disturbing on so many levels. In a nationwide interview, feminist icon Gloria Steinem had the audacity to tell Refinery29 earlier this week that climate change is directly correlated to the LACK of killing babies.

This is the woman who put in her best years to popularize the controversial “I got an abortion” t-shirt, and has been for years outspoken on women’s reproductive rights. We’re talking decades and decades of this 83-year-old’s life spent pushing the killing of babies.

She is now stating that climate change is a “feminist issue” and it’s solely due to overpopulation of the world, that could have been avoided if abortions were more readily accessible to women.

I cannot think of anything that would disgust me more than the words of this woman. The fact that she is a woman, and these are the words coming out of her mouth,…

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