Dems SCRAMBLE to save Hillary Clinton

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on The Horn News

President-elect Donald Trump’s Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions could be the man that finally takes down former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — and the idea that he could “lock her up” has Democrats scrambling to fight his confirmation.

But with Republican control of both the House and Senate, it may be too late — the beginning of the end for the Clintons could finally be here.

Sessions cast himself as strong protector of law and order on Tuesday, promising that as attorney general he would crack down on illegal immigration, gun violence and the “scourge of radical Islamic terrorism.”

For months, he also blasted the FBI investigation into the Hillary email scandal and their immunity deal with top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills. As Attorney General, Sessions would oversee both the FBI and Department of Justice – which would give him the power to bring the hammer of justice down…

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