Crazy Maxine Waters Says Putin Invented ‘Crooked Hillary’ For Trump To Use

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Okay, the lady has lost her marbles. First Maxine Waters said she never brought up impeaching Trump, the same day she sent out a tweet calling for the impeachment of Trump and days after she spoke out at a rally leading a cheer of“impeach 45, impeach 45, impeach 45.” Since then she’s called for Trump’s impeachment a few times more, and even going as low as saying the reason Jason Chaffetz was resigning from congress was his [non existent] ties to Russia. That was followed by another conspiracy theory Rex Tillerson is secretary of state because he wants to help Russia get all of the arctic oil.

But today, Thursday May 18th–today takes the cake.

Appearing on Morning Joe, Maxine Waters expressed her theory that the Kremlin, maybe Vladimir Putin wrote Donald Trump’s talking points

Sam Stein of the Huffington Post asked the California Congresswoman what she meant by collusion, that’s when she seemed to fall…

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