Congressman Asking for Signatures on a ‘Letter of Request’ to Special Counsel Robert Mueller

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been appointed to a very powerful and very sensitive position. He is running an investigation into the possible actions of the President of the United States and his administration. So far, he has had no supervision or accountability. It has finally dawned upon Congress that they need to exercise their oversight of Mueller’s actions. One Congressman, Texas Republican Rep. Brian Babin is calling for Mr. Mueller to appear before Congress and answer some questions. This seems to be a reasonable thing to do as Mr. Mueller seems to be stacking his investigative team with hard case and dyed in the wool Democrat supporters. This calls into serious question the objectiveness of the whole Special Counsel team. It is time for the Republican Congress to take an interest in the fair treatment of their Republican President.

As Written by Alex Pfieffer for the Daily Caller:

Texas Republican

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