CNN's Cillizza Argues Many People Won't Read Complete Trump Tweet

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Newsbusters

You actually expect me to read an entire 140 character tweet? Oy! The aggravation! That means putting a tremendous strain on my eyeballs. Just a step away from reading the entire “War and Peace” in one sitting.

If you think that was ridiculous, try to pretend that many people won’t read an entire tweet as Chris Cillizza did on Friday’s New Day on CNN. Cillizza seemed to think that many people will focus only on the “locked and loaded” part of President Trump’s August 11 tweet and ignore the rest of it, (which puts that term entirely into context.)

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Former Romney foreign policy spokesman Richard Grenell highlighted the absurdity of Cillizza’s claim but first let us take a quick peek at Trump’s tweet. Even though it stretches way out to about 140 characters, I think all of you could manage to

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