CNN Sends Alert for Article Suggesting Americans Murdered a Women Through Climate Change

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Newsbusters

On Friday, CNN sent out an alert for an article suggesting Americans are murderers and are responsible for the death of a woman killed in a flood. Why? Because Americans contribute to climate change. This misuse of alerts normally reserved for actual news is nothing new. CNN now promotes propaganda via mobile alerts on a regular basis.

The article used a common technique of the left. Take a heart-wrenching anecdote and blame a boogie man (capitalism, America, Republicans, lack of big government, etc.). It claims the science behind man-made climate change is undisputed, but in reality that is a myth (See what I mean here).

And just because it may be impossible to prove, in court, that climate change killed a particular person or flooded a particular house, that doesn’t mean real losses aren’t occurring.

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