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Bernie Supporter Gets SCHOOLED By Judge Judy

Wow. Just wow. Judge Judy wasn’t having any of this Bernie supporter’s nonsense. How about Judge Judy for Supreme Court Justice! She could not believe the drivel that poured out of this woman’s mouth. The entitlement attitude is on full display. Do you think Bernie supporters know they sound this ridiculous? From Chicks On The […]

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IT’S COME TO THIS: GoFundMe Account Set Up For Kanye West

A concerned fan set up a GoFundMe account to help the impoverished mult-millionaire who recently went on Twitter to ask other billionaires for help with his $53 million in debt. Kanye is so brilliant he needs a little help. He can’t be bothered with money…he’s an artist. The crowdsourceing idea was the brainchild of Jeremy […]

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HA! Bernie Accuses Hillary of PANDERING For Black Votes

Two of the whitest democrats ever are fighting real hard to understand black people. It’s not that they really care or that their party has done anything, but oppress the black community for years. No, they need that all coveted black vote. It’s supposed to be locked up for democrats only, so the two leftists […]

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Hillary Wins In Nevada: Was It More Card Tricks?

Pahrump precinct chair Peggy Rhoads with the cards drawn in tied Precinct 10. Hillary’s ace beat Bernie’s six. — Reid J. Epstein (@reidepstein) February 20, 2016 Liberals are asking…Did Hillary just take out the Sanders campaign with her win in Nevada? Bernie Sanders definitely doesn’t think so. His second place speech sounded like a […]

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