Breaking: Trump Announces RINO Senators He’s Taking Down!

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Even back when Donald Trump was running for election, the Republicans had a hard time dealing with him as a legitimate candidate. Most Republicans were either rooting for a staunch insider or a Republican candidate like Scott Walker from Wisconsin, or Ted Cruz from Texas. The majority of GOP Republicans didn’t support Trump and sadly still don’t.

When Trump’s White House strategist, Steve Bannon left the White House, he vowed to be part of President Trump’s army fighting on the ‘outside’. In fact Bannon stated, he was leaving the White House to ‘go to war for Trump’ against his opponents on Capitol Hill, in the media and in corporate America.

If we use Bannon’s own words, it looks like that ‘war for Trump’ has started. Those Republicans who do not support Trump will be held accountable. It’s called a Primary.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

President Donald Trump and the Republican party have

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