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Very Quietly, Saudi Arabia Forges Ties with Israel

Saudi prince. King Salman bin Abdulaziz may be the Saudi Arabian sovereign on paper, but savvy Middle East watchers overwhelmingly agree that the real power rests in the arms of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, popularly known simply as MBS. And as many news hawks are already aware, the prince has recently ordered the arrests […]

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You’ll Never Guess Whose Administration Authorized ‘Bump Stocks’

bump I’ve never even heard the phrase “bump stock” until Washington Democrats started screaming about the firearm accessory in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting. While party politicians ranging from Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) to Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) to Sen. Bernie Sanders (Soc-NH) have been hyperventilating for legislation to ensure bump stocks will […]

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HuffPo’s Jesse Benn: White NFL Players Who Stand for Anthem ‘Stand for White Supremacy’

benn Huffington Post writer Jesse Benn fancies himself Dad, partner, engaged citizen, opinionated writer, leftist, PhD student, can add another add another descriptive title to his pedigree: Clueless fool. As Jesse Benn of the decidedly hard-left Huffington Post recently opined; The absence of white athletes kneeling for the anthem Sunday was a particularly illustrative moment […]

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Obama’s Plame retweets ‘Jews are Rats’ Article

Valerie Plame may have once claimed that it was evil Republicans that illegally outed her as an undercover CIA operative (she wasn’t, she was openly employed as a desk jockey working in Langley), but the same Valerie Plame is having a rough go of it explaining her retweet of a call to place “warning labels” […]

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US opens first permanent military base in Israel

israel Bibi and The Donald. Israel – It may be in the middle the the Negev Desert, it may be staffed by only a relative handful of American troops, it may be largely symbolic in nature, but the United States has a permanent military installation on the sovereign soil of Israel. As reported by the […]

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Sharia in Australia: Ex-Muslims Should ‘Be Executed’

sharia Islamic Sharia Law should be the absolute law of the land. At least according to Uthman Badar of the international pan-Islamist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir (Party of Liberation). While speaking at a debate at Australia’s University of Sydney against Dr John Perkins of the Secular Party of Australia, the Sharia proponent proved to be a […]

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