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Lawyer of Maryland’s illegal alien rapist: Blame Donald Trump

Lawyer David Wooten and boss Maria Mena. (Twitter) Lawyer David Wooten and boss Maria Mena. (Twitter) Defense lawyer Maria Mena: “In every case there are two sides: My side, your side and the truth.” The vast majority of Americans believe that anyone accused of even the most heinous of crimes deserves competent legal representation. On […]

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Tucker Carlson exposes rapists’ lawyer: Plans on ‘blame the victim’ strategy

Defense lawyer defends the indefensible. (Youtube) Defense lawyer defends the indefensible. (Youtube) For anyone who’s ever had the misfortune of having to spend a prolonged period of time with a lawyer who specializes in defending (and getting off the hook) murderers, child pornographers, rapists or drug pushers, the average American has the reflective urge to […]

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Mystery solved: Who the woman is sitting behind Gorsuch

Gorsuch ally, May Elizabeth Taylor. (Youtube) Gorsuch ally, Mary Elizabeth Taylor. (Youtube) Gorsuch Hearings – who IS THAT sitting behind him? Despite the vast majority of the American people having no idea who Mary Elizabeth Taylor actually is, Social media has been on fire for the past few days by those wanting to know her […]

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WikiLeaks: Family of DNC staffer raising money to re-open investigation of mysterious murder

DNC staffer Seth Rich murdered, zero leads by DC police. (Veuer) Questions arise if he was linked to Wikileaks. DNC staffer Seth Rich murdered, zero leads by DC police. (Veuer) The WikiLeaks disclosures and subsequent scandal that followed caused seismic shifts in the political landscape that would have made Dr. Richter proud. Unfortunately, with every […]

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Gowdy vs Comey: FBI boss refuses name leaker or disclose if he briefed Obama regarding Gen Flynn

Rep. Gowdy spars with Dir. Comey. (Screen grab) Rep. Gowdy spars with Dir. Comey. (Screen grab) During the course of the House Intelligence Committee hearings, Rep. Trey Gowdy asked some very pointed questions to FBI Director James Comey. Unfortunately for the South Carolina lawmaker, solid and straightforward answers were as rare as hen’s teeth during […]

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Fake news alert: Trump gutting Meals on Wheels revealed a media lie

MSM caught lying about Meals on Wheels. (Wiki) MSM caught lying about Meals on Wheels. (Wiki) Time and The Hill magazines breathlessly reported the Meals on Wheels program has been slashed of all federal funding in the proposed budget on submitted to Congress by President Trump. As Walter Olson of the none-too-Trump-friendly National Review objectively noted, […]

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‘Hey, Huma. What’s up?’ – Kellyanne recalls the Team Hillary concession call

Kellyanne Conway retells election night phone call. (Twitter) Kellyanne Conway retells election night phone call. (Twitter) In what presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway describes as “like a movie,” she retells what happened leading up to and at the moment Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff called to concede on election night. But not before Clinton’s Clinton’s campaign manager, […]

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