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NPR Race Panel Horrified by White GOP Women Asking Muslim Reporter About Sharia Law

On Sunday morning, NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday spent 14 minutes having a panel discussion with their “Code Switch” race-and-identity team, and they aired phone calls they recorded from listeners on “racially charged interactions that you’ve experienced.” One complained of being assaulted with Islamophobic questions by “white Republican women” at the Texas State Capitol in Austin. […]

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News? Conga Line of Obama Fans Resign from White House Arts Panel That Hasn't Met in 2017

So much of the liberal media’s spin is about creating an anti-Republican momentum, or in this era an anti-Trump momentum. Take Politico’s Friday story headlined “President’s arts and humanities committee resigns over Trump’s Charlottesville response.” Edward-Isaac Dovere began: Another advisory group is walking away from President Donald Trump after his equivocation on neo-Nazis and white […]

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Remember Obama Gaffes After Americans Were Killed? The Networks Yawned

Political reporters sounded like they were headed for fainting couches after President Trump’s press event at Trump Tower. Reporters professed incredulity that Trump would continue to criticize “anti-fascist” violence, as if those events mattered. The president’s declaration that there were fine people on “both sides” of Saturday’s events sounded like people marching with Nazi flags […]

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AP: Avoid the Term 'Alt-Right' as a 'Public Relations Device'

The Associated Press vice president for standards announced that they will try to avoid using the term “alt-right” to describe neo-Nazis and white supremacists, since it “may exist primarily as a public relations device.” To which many conservatives will say: Good, we’ve never wanted to be associated with those noxious beliefs. AP’s John Daniszewski announced: […]

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