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The SPLC: The ‘Anti-Hate Group’ That’s Actually A Hate Group

Any long-time reader of TheLid knows what we think of the hypocritical leftists at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The supposedly anti-hate group has been spreading lies, misinformation, and hate for years and in recent days those lies have led directly to violent attacks on conservative organizations like the Family Research Council and the more recent shooting of Rep. […]

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Berkeley Freaks About Hosting Ben Shapiro, Famed Liberal Comes To His Defense

Piers Morgan doesn’t usually get things right, but in a recent tweet, he defended conservative Ben Shapiro from the snowflakes at Berkeley. The college is very worried about Shapiro’s upcoming speech on their campus and has actually offered their students “counseling” to help them recover from the “trauma” of having a conservative speaker on campus. […]

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Where Does Maxine Waters Get Her Money?

Bloomberg reporter Anna Massoglia recently “fell down a rabbit hole” when she began looking at California Democrat Maxine Waters’ recent tax filings. Massoglia stared at the paperwork for hours and simply could not make the math work. Between high priced dinners, paying her daughter exorbitant amounts, and paying for big fundraising events it seemed that […]

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MSM Still Clueless About Clinton’s Ukraine Collusion & Secret Recipes

Perhaps this is why no one trusts the mainstream media anymore? Conservative media (including this site) has been reminding people for the last week about the Politico story from back in January that PROVED (with named sources, comments, and evidence) that the Clinton campaign colluded with Ukraine to damage the Trump presidential effort. Here at The Lid, we […]

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Ding, Dong, al-Baghdadi Is Dead

There is possible, wonderful news coming from terrorist-controlled Syria, ISIS officials have announced that ISIS leader and torturer-in-chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed. If the story is true (it hasn’t yet been confirmed by the U.S.) it raises one very crucial question. What exactly does one send to a Shiva for an Islamic terrorist? Perhaps deli? After all, people […]

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