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Dreamers’ nightmare? Congress in deadlock

‘Dreamers’ at LA March for Immigrant Rights (Photo: Flickr) The U.S. Senate rejected multiple attempts at immigration reform legislation, suggesting it is unlikely Congress can reach a deal this year that tightens up the nation’s immigration system and also clarifies the future for those holding legal status under the expiring DACA program. President Trump announced […]

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Medicaid recipients could face new work requirement

(Photo: Twitter) The Trump administration has given its blessing for Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin to implement work requirements for some Medicaid recipients, and while his critics are predicting this move will result in people needlessly dying, Bevin argues it will lead to better health outcomes because more people have a stake in the system. Bevin’s predecessor, […]

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Prosecutor: Stopping predators not ‘rocket science’

The explosion of sexual abuse revelations in recent months reveals a much bigger problem than many imagined, and Americans are now far more aware of the sexual abuse of children from cases ranging from Hollywood to disgraced USA Gymnastics Dr. Larry Nassar. And a career sex crimes prosecutor says parents can play a vital role […]

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Brat: Senate ‘scared of shadow’ on spending

Rep. Dave Brat, R-Va., is slamming Republican congressional leaders for caving to spending demands by Democrats in a two-year budget bill that he anticipates will spark trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see while Republicans unilaterally surrender their greatest weapon for passing meaningful entitlement, welfare, or health care reforms. Wednesday, just one day […]

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After 1 year of Trump, why is U.S. still spending at Obama levels?

As Congress approaches yet another government funding deadline, the U.S. government is still spending taxpayer dollars at Obama-era levels since lawmakers continue to kick the fiscal can down the road in perpetuity – and one leading economist says that inaction is triggering the return of trillion-dollar deficits that future generations will have to pay. Vance […]

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McCarthy: Likely no criminal charges over Nunes memo

President Trump and former FBI Director James Comey (Photo: Twitter) The memo alleging major missteps by the FBI and Justice Department will not likely result in criminal charges, but that doesn’t mean the issues at stake are any less serious, says a former federal prosecutor who argues that law enforcement officials have done a terrible […]

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Trump’s shot heard round the civil-service world

Pencil pushers. Desk jockeys. There are a lot of names for the bureaucrats who fill the offices of the federal government. President Trump says they, and their work, need to be examined more closely. He fired a major shot in the effort to enact civil service reform during his State of the Union address, creating […]

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