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Liberal Professor Tweets Hate to Sarah Sanders, Backlash is Fierce!

We have a serious problem in higher education. Liberal professors dominate the classes of impressionable, young college students. It’s no wonder so many millennials these days are starry eyed about socialism and communism. They are constantly being brainwashed by leftist ideology and conservative voices are shunned into silence. I expect those who teach to create […]

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Target Closing Stores in 10 States After 18 Month Struggle Due to Bathroom Uproar

Liberals love Target, with good reason. Target has been alienating conservative shoppers for years. In 2014, Target made headlines with their anti-gun policy in stores, stating that “Bringing firearms to Target creates an environment that is at odds with the family-friendly shopping and work experience we strive to create.” Thus began the first wave of […]

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Trump’s Granddaughter is a “Child Star” in China After This Video Presented to President Xi

President Trump and First Lady Melania’s recent visit to China was wildly successful in improving relations with the communist nation. It was clear from the welcome and treatment of President Trump that the Chinese people admire him. Trump was given the red carpet treatment from the moment he landed in Beijing (unlike Obama’s visit in […]

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40 Journalists Reveal Their Election Night Meltdowns; Throwing Up, Crying, Panic Attacks

I’m not usually one to laugh at other people’s misfortune, but reading the reactions that these journalists had on election night is downright funny. The hysteria. The misguided assumptions. The unfound fear. These people truly lost it that night. These people are supposed to be bringing us unbiased news every day. I get the disappointment. […]

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