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7 actions needed to save Christians in Middle East

Hundreds of thousands of Syrian Christians have been forced to flee their homes. A new manifesto has been released by officials with Barnabas Fund, an international aid agency helping persecuted Christians around the world, especially those in locations dominated by the violence of Islam, describing the seven actions needed to counter today’s threat of the […]

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WND to livestream Harvest America 2017

Greg Laurie, the world’s largest Christian website, has been named to be the platform to livestream Harvest America 2017, which is planned live in the University of Phoenix stadium and everywhere else by simulcast on June 11. There will be a link available on the day of the event to watch the events […]

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Country-rock superstar warns Schumer of Democrat scandals

Country music superstar Charlie Daniels, whose criticism of politicians is legend – just last month he blasted them for being willing to “kiss a flatulent skunk’s posterior” before allowing the “other party” to look good – has issued a warning to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Those Democratic Party scandals still could make a few waves. […]

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School sued for coed showers suddenly concerned about ‘privacy’

Officials in the Boyertown Area School District in Pennsylvania, who have been sued for instituting what amounts to coed showers in their locker rooms, suddenly now are concerned about “student privacy.” WND reported several students, represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom and the Independence Law Center, brought a case against Supt. Richard Faidley and others for […]

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Judge tries to stop you from watching this video

Error message for all of WND’s Planned Parenthood videos on Friday A federal judge in California, appointed under the pro-abortion agenda of Barack Obama, was infuriated that a newly released undercover video revealed abortionists at the top level of the U.S. industry joking about “eyeballs in laps” and other horrific incidents, and has censored the […]

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Judge: Homeowners’ board may owe Christians punitive damages

The complaint of a single resident of a planned community of hundreds of homes in California prompted the homeowners association board to banish four Christian groups that had been meeting in a common building, some for nearly a decade. But board members Karyl Ralles, Tom Burch, Jim Griffin, Kay Marks and Steve Steiber now face the possibility […]

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Vermont doctors defeat campaign to mandate suicide counseling

Doctors across Vermont are celebrating after a pro-suicide organization dropped its appeal of a ruling that physicians are not required to counsel patients for suicide or refer them for assisted suicide. “Vermont health care workers just want to act consistently with their reasonable and time-honored convictions without fear of government punishment,” said Senior Counsel Steven H […]

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Breakthrough in fight over NSA Internet spying

An organization that fights for the privacy rights of Americans is trumpeting what it calls a victory in its fight against the National Security Agency over the government’s spy-on-Americans efforts. “We’re finally going to get some honesty on how the NSA spies on innocent Americans’ communications,” wrote Cindy Cohn in an analysis of the lawsuit […]

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Washington watchdog challenges Mueller’s judgment

Robert Mueller o head up a special investigation into alleged collusion by the Trump campaign with the Russian government in the 2016 presidential race. Judicial Watch says Mueller was the FBI director who “caved” to the demands of radical Islamic groups and removed critical training materials from the government’s library of available resources. He had no […]

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Lawsuit: University bills pro-lifers for pro-abortion speakers

California State University at San Marcos is being sued for ordering pro-life students to pay a $75 activities fee every semester that is used to fund pro-abortion speakers. The case was filed by the Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of the Students for Life organization on campus and its president, Nathan Apodaca. The issue is the “discriminatory” policy […]

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