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Judged: Embedded Tweet violates copyright

A judge in New York has reached the startling conclusion, startling because it upends years of precedent, that an embedded image of a social media tweet in a news article can violate copyright laws. The issue involves a candid image of Tom Brady taken by photographer Justin Goldman, who posted it on Snapchat, from which […]

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Blacks, Hispanics sue over ‘diversity’ set-aside for whites

A lawsuit has been filed by parents of Hartford, Connecticut, school children charging it’s unfair to limit the black and Hispanic enrollment of much-desired magnet schools to 75 percent of the student population. The case was brought by Pacific Legal Foundation on behalf of nine Hartford parents against the state Department of Education’s race-based enrollment quotas […]

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Playstation data turned over to FBI in terror probe

Personal details that a Playstation 4 system might reveal about its owner have been delivered by Sony to federal authorities investigating claims that a Kansas resident tried to go to the Middle East to join a terrorist organization. The report comes from consumer tech information site WCCFTech, which includes an image of an application for a search warrant submitted by […]

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With new judge on case, Flynn’s guilty plea up in air

Former National Security Adviser and retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn In ordinary circumstances when a defendant pleads guilty to a charge, the prosecutor’s work largely is done, except for making a sentencing recommendation. But apparently not when the defendant is former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and the prosecutor is Robert […]

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Mueller indicts Russians in scheme to ‘disparage’ Hillary

Special Counsel Robert Mueller A grand jury indictment released Friday by Special Counsel Robert Mueller accuses 13 Russian nationals and three companies of interfering in the 2016 presidential election. The indictment says the nationals, posing as Americans, contacted members of the Trump campaign. But authorities said there was no allegation any American was a knowing participant. […]

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Media watchdog to ABC: Apologize for Christian bashing or else

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell released an open letter Thursday to ABC News President James Goldston warning him and two talk-show personalities that if they don’t apologize for bashing Christians, he will ask his group’s millions of grassroots activists to contact advertisers. It was Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin, co-hosts of  “The View,” who made the offensive statements, with Hostin characterizing Vice President Mike […]

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CIA: We get to pick which media receives classified info

The handling of classified information has been a major news focus in recent years. During the 2016 election, the FBI investigated Hillary Clinton’s abuse of classified information through a private email server while she was secretary of state. And Clinton aide Huma Abedin was found to have put classified information on the laptop of her […]

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U.N.’s 2nd attempt at including abortion in ‘right to life’

The United Nations, for the second time in months, is being criticized for trying to redefine the “right to life” to include a right to abortion, assisted suicide and euthanasia. Global bureaucrats say they want to alter Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Right, which currently states: “Every human being has the inherent right to […]

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France looking at tax to subsidize mosques

French President Emmanuel Macron already has signed into law anti-terror legislation that gives security services the authority to shut down places of worship if they are fostering extremism. And French police can search terrorist suspects’ homes and demand identity documents of suspects at borders. The moves were prompted by the 2015 terrorist attacks by Muslims […]

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Got an accusation? New ruling puts you on notice

Who hasn’t heard of the hundreds of sex-assault and -abuse allegations made against Hollywood, political, sports and even religious personalities lately? Or all of the claims made in the so-called anti-Trump “dossier.” There’s a new court decision that puts on notice anyone who might be tempted to make an allegation. You need evidence. The Minnesota […]

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