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Watch: Students love Trump tax plan … when told it’s Bernie’s

The group  Campus Reform carried out a little experiment on the campus of George Washington University, asking college students to evaluate a tax-reform plan. When told the plan came from President Trump, the students said they were opposed to it. But when presented with the same plan and told it was proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, they praised it. “I […]

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Appeals court delays abortion for illegal-alien teen

WASHINGTON – A D.C. appeals court decided Friday that an illegal-alien teen cannot be denied an abortion but ordered the federal government to find her a private sponsor to ensure the government doesn’t facilitate the procedure. The court gave the government until Oct. 31 to find a sponsor for the 17-year-old, referred to in court […]

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Trump chief of staff ‘stunned’ by congresswoman’s attack

Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly WASHINGTON – White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly said he was “stunned” to learned a Democratic member of Congress would exploit the “sacred” moment President Trump spent giving condolences to the widow of a fallen soldier to score cheap political points. He appeared before the White House press […]

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Lobbyist sues Hillary, DNC for access to hacked server

WASHINGTON – The Washington-based attorney and lobbyist who’s been on the hunt for slain DNC staffer Seth Rich’s killer is filing a federal lawsuit that accuses Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee of rigging the 2016 presidential primary. The complaint by Jack Burkman also demands the release of the hacked DNC server. Burkman that in […]

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Crusading lawyer takes action to disbar Comey

Former FBI Director James Comey testifies before a House committee Sept. 28, 2016. A crusading attorney who already has challenged the bar membership of former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Clinton lawyers David E. Kendall, Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson now is going after James Comey, the fired FBI director. Texas attorney Ty Clevenger already […]

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Comey did draft Hillary exoneration early

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton The FBI has admitted that a statement was drawn up by then-Director James Comey exonerating Hillary Clinton – even though she was “extremely careless,” at best, with national secrets – months before she was even interviewed about the issue. Clinton was under investigation by the FBI throughout […]

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Bachmann warns: GOP doomed unless it adopts Trump agenda

Former U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. WASHINGTON – The Republican Party, whose congressional leaders often are in conflict with their conservative base and now have been accused of being backed by “Hillary and Obama donors,” will fail, as will the United States, if it doesn’t pursue President Trump’s agenda. The warning comes from former U.S. Rep. Michele […]

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Drag-queen demon reads to kids at Michelle Obama Library

The Michelle Obama public library in Long Beach, California, has presented to children who are part of its young readers program a huge array of diversity and “inclusion” agendas. In one shot. It was when Xochi Mochi arrived for a visit. That made the program pro-LGBTQ. And transgender. And drag queen-friendly. And Satanist-approved, with the […]

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Congressman warns Dems handed U.S. secrets to Pakistanis

Former DNC chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla. Multiple reports have detailed the equipment and nearly $6 million a Pakistani family of IT specialists allegedly took from the U.S. government while running computer networks for numerous congressional Democrats. But that’s only money and equipment, says a U.S. congressman who contends that the biggest problem is the classified information to […]

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Iran-deal decertification looming?

WASHINGTON – President Trump long has criticized the Iran nuclear agreement negotiated by the Obama administration. Now it appears he is poised to decertify it, turning the issue over to Congress to begin to address. The president is expected Friday to declare to Congress that retaining the 2015 agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan […]

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