AP Ignores Almost All Details of UAW-Fiat Chrysler Training Center Scandal

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Newsbusters

On Tuesday morning, the Associated Press left no doubt that it does not want to see detailed news of the outrageous United Auto Workers-Fiat Chrysler training scandal spread beyond Metro Detroit.

In an unbylined item which digested far longer reports seen at Detroit’s major newspapers down to five paragraphs, the wire service kept the union out of its headline, failed to mention the union until the fourth paragraph, and omitted almost all of the details which caused a Chrysler financial analyst to plead guilty to his role in the conspiracy.

Let’s start with that headline:

Anyone previously unfamiliar with the scandal who sees this headline in a list of stories and fails to click through, or sees it in print and decides not to read further, will believe that the scheme involves only the corporate finances of Fiat Chrysler.

Now here’s the AP’s five-paragraph item, found in identical form at

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