Alt-Left Insanity: Libs Want to Ban Raising Kids, Kill Aging Parents

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Newsbusters

<p>If Paul McCartney and Wings want to record another album, they should call it, <em>Ban On The Run.</em> It could be the Splinter theme song, appropriate since this is “Ban Week” on that crazy, alt-lefty site. Ban Week gives the Splinter staff a chance to opine (say dumb garbage) about everything from cologne to zoos. If you didn’t think liberals hated everything before, you will now. Even more disturbing is how many facets of life they want to get rid of — even aging parents. It’s not funny. It’s just bizarre. Logan’s Run beat Splinter to the punch by about 40 years — depicting the murder of anyone over a certain age and government raising our kids, too. </p>

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