Allen West: This picture tells you EVERYTHING that’s FUBAR in the military right now 

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If you desire to know what is plaguing our military right now, retired Army LtCol Allen B. West invites you to look at this one picture. You Warriors  will understand right away that the problem is not self-imposed, but comes from the politically correct kingdom of the Democrats and the Social Justice Warriors. Not one to mince words, Mr. West shows how a traitor and his/her supporters have made a mockery of justice, the military, the judicial system, and national security. It will make you furious.

As Written By Allen B. West:

This will be a very short analysis, simply because it speaks for itself. It will also give testimony as to why I’m against anyone suffering from the mental condition of gender dysphoria serving in the U.S. military.

As reported by Vogue magazine, “One hot, humid early-summer evening in New York, a hired car slows on Bleecker Street, and a

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