A Surprise Twist In Buzzfeed’s Court Papers On The Trump Dossier

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It is back to square one on the copy of the Trump dossier that BuzzFeed got hold of. In the latest bit of information on the dossier, Fusion GPS claims that it did not provide it to the news blog. The reason that this is important is that, if true, who was responsible for this leak against Donald Trump. 

Is it possible that the dossier was provided to BuzzFeed by Senator John McCain and/or one of his aides? After all, John McCain had a copy and he gave it to FBI Director James Comey. And .. was this dossier created by a Hillary Clinton supporter to undermine Donald Trump and win the Presidency? This story is complicated on a good day. Read on.

As Written By Chuck Ross for The Daily Caller:

In a surprise twist, opposition research firm Fusion GPS says that it did not give its dossier of infamous anti-Trump research

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