A Costly Democratic Error

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The race for Virginia Governor just tightened dramatically after a radical error by the Democrat candidate. Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam held a comfortable lead over Ed Gillespie, the Republican. Then he made a drastic mistake in Northern Virginia. He sent out a mailer and removed his running mate from the mailer. Justin Fairfax, the running mate, is a black man. OOPS! This really appears racist and will be hard to excuse.


The public-opinion polls in the Virginia gubernatorial race are tightening. Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, the Democrat who had opened a comfortable lead over Ed Gillespie, the Republican, over the summer, has only a tiny lead in most polls now, and a new Monmouth survey puts Mr. Gillespie up by a point.

There’s little room for error by either candidate, and Mr. Northam has just made a doozy, perhaps a doozy of considerable size and consequence. His campaign has

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